"We were very happy with the whole experience! The bikes were fantastic, the cycling was fabulous and we so appreciated the delivery service the day before!! We will come again!!"

Tony B. 2013 Traveler.

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What would you like with your Bicycle?
We serve anything bicycle-related.

 Café Bicyclette

“Tapas on the run” - A quality bicycle rental to go. Available 24-7; you tell us when and where.

"Breakfast buffet" - What would you like with that bicycle - rental bikes, routes , B&Bs, a villa, Agriturismo, vans, hotels on your schedule. We’ll even move your luggage from one to the other! Grab a plate, and you can even come back for seconds!

“Complete Lunch Menu” - Self-guided tours, set itineraries, bicycles, hotels, and routes. Travel any time you’d like: That’s right, YOU pick your start date and we’ll set it up. We deliver bikes, maps, discuss all the details and deliver luggage as necessary. Would you like some parmesan cheese or balsamic vinegar with that?

"Dinner Menu – Fixed Price" - A happy medium between full service group tours and self-guided tours...OK, so you don't want to put it all together, "à la carte," you'd like us to do it. If you have a group of 6 or more, let us know and we can take one of our self-guided tours (see the "complete lunch menu") and package it for you with a van and driver to haul luggage. Send us an inquiry and tell us what you're thinking!
We'll provide the panniers or trailers with your bicycle rental if you want!

Villa and Hotel reservations with that bicycle Rental?

Would you like some vans with that bicycle rental? we can rent just the van and bicycle rack or the van, driver and equipment.